How to read Environment/Geography



How to Read Environment/Geography – TNPSC


Ecosystem and its Function and Components
Bio-Diversity, Terrestrial Biomes, Aquatic Biomes and its Conservation
Non-Renewable Energy – Coal, Petroleum (or) Crude oil and Natural Gas
Geomorphic Processes – internal and external processes
Types of Rocks – Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks, Metamorphic Rocks & Rock Cycle
National River Conservation plan
Various methods for Conservation of Water
Green Revolution/Biofortification – Importance,Challenges and its Success rate
Management of Water Resources
Information Technology for Disaster Prevention
Factors responsible for increasing water demand in India



World Geography
Indian Geography
Food and Agriculture
Indian Agriculture
Forest and its Importance
Conservation of Mineral Resources
Bio-geo-chemical cycles :-

1. Water cycle

2. Nitrogen cycle

3. Carbon cycle & Human Impacts
Rainwater Harvesting
Water Resources
Environment and Sustainable Development
Noise Pollution
GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms
Climate Change – Environment
Action on Climate Change
Wildlife and its Conservation
Global Warming


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