Geography – From NIOS Materials









The Earth – A Living Planet
Insolation and Temperature
Pressure and Winds
Humidity and Precipitation
Weather and Climate
Oceans Submarine Relief and Circulation of Oceans
Earth’s Interior and Materials of its Crust
Evolution of Landforms due to Internal Forces
Major Landforms and their Economic Significance
Weathering Gradation and Formation of Soils



The Work of Running Water and Underground Water
The Work of Moving Ice wind and Sea Waves
Life in the Low Latitudes
Life in the Mid Latitudes
Life in the High Latitudes
India – Physical Features
Climate and Vegetation in India
Land and Soil Resources in India
Qater Forest and Wild Life Resources in India



Mineral Resources in India
Agricultural development in India
Manufacturing Industries in India
Development of Energy Resources
Transport Communication and Trade in India
Population Density Distribution and Growth
Population Composition in India
Concept of Tourism
Nature and Scope of Geography Teaching
Development of Tourism



Introducing Elementary Concepts
Life in Different Parts of India
Tourism as a Growing Service Industry
Problems of Mass Tourism
The Story of Trade, Transport and Communication
Maps Related Concepts and Skills
Map Projections
 Study of Topographic Maps
Study of Weather Maps
Representation of Statistical Diagrams



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